This RapidWeaver Stack allows you to embed Instagram Photos Feed into your sites. You can display the photos of any Instagram username or hashtag and the feed will be updated with the new photos in real time. Moreover, this stack is responsive and includes many options to customize the feed, photos, buttons, etc.

Live demo.

Hud options.

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Feed Options

  • Source:
    Feed source: user or tag.
  • IG User:
    Enter Instagram username to display its feed (displays up to 12 latest posts).
  • Items:
    Number of photos to display initially.

Main Options

  • Width:
    Feed width in percents.
  • Columns:
    Number of columns in the feed: 2 or 3.
  • Mobile Columns:
    Number of columns in the feed when width is less than 480px: 2 or 3.
  • Space:
    Space between the photos in the feed. Min: 0, Max: 3.
  • Corners:
    Photos corner radius. Max: 50.
  • Opacity:
    Photos overlay opacity on rollover. Min: 0, Max: 1
  • Overlay:
    Photos overlay color on rollover.
  • Links:
    Open Instagram links in the same or new browser tab: _self or _blank.
  • Likes:
    Color of photo likes.
  • Comments:
    Color of photo comments.
  • Icons:
    Color of the likes and comments icons.

Button Options

  • BtnText:
    Load More button text.
  • BtnWidth:
    Load More button width.
  • BtnHeight:
    Load More button height.
  • BtnTextSize:
    Load More button text size.
  • BtnBorderRadius:
    Load More button corner radius.
  • BtnTextColor:
    Load More button text color.
  • BtnTextOnHover:
    Load More button text color on rollover.
  • BtnBackground:
    Load More button background color.
  • BtnBgOnHover:
    Load More button background color on rollover.
  • BtnHide:
    Hide Load More button.

Stacks 3+ Plugin is required to use this Stack