A sleek, modern RW Theme for Startups & more

Startups Googdness

What's Included?

Some off the included features in the Theme.

Responsive Design
This theme is a responsive design, which means that the layout will change to accommodate all screen sizes.
Off Canvas Navigation
This Theme is packaged with off canvas navigation menu with several levels for your sub page navigation pleasure.
ExtraContent Enabled
Comes with 4 ExtraContent areas. 1 inside Banner section 1 below Banner and 2 below the main content area.
Google Fonts
We need more than just the system fonts on your Computer. So we built this Theme with 20 awesome fonts.
Free Support
Ask us anything. Our support staff will not only help you be better, but help you learn some CSS ninja tricks.
GDPR Ready
To put it simple, you can use this theme for your personal or client websites without worrying about EU.

Awesome Features

This preview site shows off various different RapidWeaver page types in order to demonstrate some of the many features and options of the Theme. Also, be sure to have a look at Options page to see all of the theme variations Next includes.

Stacks Image 51
Banner Gradient or Image
With Next we've added and option to allow you to choose between use a Banner Gradient or to show an Image as the Background layer, this option can be set using the Page Inspector > Styles.
Photo Album Lightbox
Within the Photo Album page we've coded a built-in Lightbox library option that allows you to make your website more user friendly, it also enables you to show your images with style increasing the retention of the users.
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Built-in Animations
We all love animations right?! This option is available within the Theme, animations should be used with careful, we don't want our content flying around, do we? Please check the Tutorials section on how to use it.

Built-in Stats snippets

We've included a HTML snippet for you to choose some Stats within you project/site.

64 Sed euismod
256 Gravida lorem
1,024 Blandit nulla
512 Sapien ultrices
128 Amet commodo

Newsletter Styles

If you need to have a Newsletter Form on your website (Mailchimp), you can use the HTML code below to set a Newsletter form, contact us if you need help setting this up.

Sidebar Title

This is the sidebar section of the main content area in the Theme. You can choose to display the sidebar on either the left, right-hand side of the main content area or at the bottom.